Ways to Help Children Learn How to Segregate Trash

Segregate Trash

You take steps to segregate trash at home. You understand that if not separated, everything could end up in a landfill. Since some of the waste items aren’t biodegradable, it would take time before they decompose. It’s the reason why landfills reach capacity. If you already feel comfortable segregating trash, your children might not feel the same. Hence, you must help them make the job easier.

Label the bins

You can label the bins to help your children see where they can throw their trash. You can also use colors to make it more interesting for them. Apart from the heading, you should also indicate which specific items go inside every bin. It allows the children to pick the right bin easily. Eventually, they will become comfortable segregating the trash.

Come up with a reward system

You can start a game at home. The child who fills the recycling bins gets a prize. It encourages them to think about their trash. Instead of being lazy and placing all of it in the same bin, they will segregate first. This system isn’t a permanent solution, but it helps make the chore more fun for them.

Watch animated videos 

You can teach your children to feel interested in proper waste disposal through animated videos. You can use this strategy for almost any value you would like them to learn. These videos will catch their attention and make them eager to learn. It might be the characters that help them feel engaged, but it will eventually turn to the primary value of the video.

Rent a dumpster

You can also inform your children about the use of a dumpster. It might seem like an easy way out since you can simply throw everything inside it. However, it would help if you made it clear that the rental company takes care of the trash. Most of the items get recycled or disposed of correctly. Otherwise, they might think that you’re taking a shortcut because you don’t like segregating trash. If you need this service now, you can organize a dumpster rental in West Palm Beach.

Keep reminding them

It might sound irritating, but you have to repeat the reminders. If they forgot to throw the trash in the right place, you should ask them why. Even at school, they have to practice the same thing. You can ask the school administrators to take steps to teach students proper waste segregation. The school could even come up with more creative means of teaching students how to separate trash.

It might seem like an effort to identify which items go in which bin. However, it will eventually become effortless for everyone. We already hurt the environment in different ways. The least you can do is teach the right thing to your children. The next generation already feels the impact of our actions. They can still do something, though, and we have to be there to help.

Kelly Passarelly
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