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The Perils of a Badly Designed Kitchen

Designed Kitchen

Weekly news magazine, News Week, featured a story about Tyler Wilcha, who created a “secret drawer” that can only be accessed when the oven is switched on and open. Wilca lives in the Hudson Valley and frequently posts on TikTok about his various adventures. In this article, we will discuss Wilcha’s latest adventure, this strange creation that has gone viral.

Wilcha has quite a bizarre kitchen layout, to put it mildly. In a place having a cooker is considered a luxury, Wilcha is fortunate to be able to use one. Yet, whoever designed his kitchen layout didn’t quite thin things through.

Wilcha’s Tik Tok video shows a corner of the kitchen, with its white tiles, wooden worktops and blue cabinets. He wonders if anyone else has similar kitchen layout problems as him. He explains that he can’t just open his drawer because it’s blocked by his oven. Now, you might think the answer to this little riddle is to open the over and then open the drawer. But even that doesn’t quite work. Why? Because the oven light blocks the drawer from opening! So, you have to turn on the oven light. Done, you ask? No. Even that little ritual is not enough to free the drawer from its prison. The stove top remains as yet another jailer to the drawer. So, you have to turn the stove to medium, as if he was grilling food, in order to open the drawer. It’s not surprising that all he keeps in this hard-to-access drawer are sponges!

Wilcha’s TikTok video has been viewed over 8 million times. It’s a rather strange, forced ritual to open a drawer. Clearly the kitchen layout was designed with very little thought.

When you design a small kitchen, you have to think in terms of balancing the need for workspace and storage space. If you get the balance right, you will be able to have your Legacy quartz countertops, drawers, stoves and other essential elements, without the kitchen feeling like a mouse trap. Get the kitchen design wrong, and you end up with a disaster. You have to plan with military precision, maximizing every millimeter. Getting your measurements just off can lead you to the kind of scenarios that people like Wilcha have to go through.

Another thing to remember is to try and think in terms of multifunctional elements. If you can have one element of your kitchen design doing multiple things, that reduces the tendency to clutter.

Let’s hope your kitchen design goes better than Wilcha’s!

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