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How to Decorate an Outdoor Living Area for Function and Style

Outdoor Living

Outdoor entertainment areas enable people to enjoy nature and affordably expand their living space. Setting up an appealing entertainment area or a personal retreat outside does not need to be expensive or complicated. A functional and fashionable living area should include what the homeowner needs based on how they plan to use the room.

Make it Personal

Consider keeping the design style in the outside space the same as what is inside the home, so it looks like an extension of the house and has a better flow. Decide how to use the area to determine its needs. An outdoor kitchen needs a place to prep, cook, and store food. A family-friendly space could need padded indoor/outdoor carpets for children who love to play on the floor. Storage benches and cabinets can keep the area tidy while also keeping must-haves nearby.

Choose Comfortable Seating

Outdoor living spaces usually include a table and chairs for dining, but they also need comfortable conversation areas. There are many outdoor loveseats, chairs, and sofas to choose from. If the available space only allows for one option, the best choice will depend on the level of casualness preferred. A cozy conversation area can double as a dining space. Ottomans, coffee tables, and end tables can hold trays and plates. The washable fabrics used for exterior cushions will withstand an occasional spill. Those who want a formal living space should choose dining tables with comfortable, cushioned seating to encourage guests to linger after the meal ends.

Select Multiple Lights

Lighting creates the nighttime atmosphere, and outdoor living spaces have endless options. Place individual solar lights in plant pots to accent the greenery and provide a little sparkle. Strings of lights, either solar or electric, can produce a festive appearance when hung overhead across the entire living area. They will also provide ample light to ensure safety as guests mingle. Battery-powered candles and lanterns come in endless styles, from elegant to rustic, and give added accent lighting without the risks of an open flame.

Include Climate Control

Heating and cooling the living space will enable year-round use. Combating summer heat requires blocking direct sunlight. Patio covers come in many colors and materials to meet personal design preferences. Wood pergolas can block some sunshine while still letting light through. Pergolas also make it easy to drape lighting across the living area. If the outdoor space has an attached roof, consider hiring an electrician to install a ceiling fan.

Many manufacturers offer outdoor patio heaters as standalone units or connected to the home. A fire pit or outdoor fireplace can immensely increase the elegance and coziness of the living area when the temperatures dip. Comfy blankets can provide extra comfort and warmth for everyone.

Keep It Private

Nearby neighbors and busy roadways mean selecting things that create privacy without making it feel too disconnected from nature. Drapes or a lattice or trellis panel covered with greenery are often enough to provide a comfortable barrier. Custom-designed fences offer privacy and help block some external noise.

The perfect outdoor living area will look different for everyone. What will make the space the most enjoyable is ensuring it has what people need to keep them safe, entertained, and comfortable.

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