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The whole year we wait for the merry time, for Christmas. This is the only time to feel a bit free, less-controlled, and doing whatever we feel like doing. But for some people, Christmas is all about reckless partying and becoming a bit too careless. Car accidents are a frequent result of such behavior. For someone’s recklessness, an innocent face an unprecedented incident.

Personal Injuries Common and Christmas

COVID-19 continues to have control prompting many people to alter their Christmas plans this year. Regrettably, it is not just the pandemic you need to be anxious about. The long holiday weekend is connected to car accidents and increased personal injury risks. The common reasons for car accidents during Festive:

  • Roads become more crowded than usual.
  • Due to decorations, people usually adjust to narrower roads.
  • Excessive lighting sometimes works as a distraction.
  • Intoxicated drivers can cause such an accident.
  • People fail to hear honking due to loud music.

Christmas-Thanks Giving and Cause of Accidents

As per the National Safety Council or NSC, no less than 500 people are killed in car accidents over Thanksgiving and Christmas each year, making it one of the most unsafe times to be on the road.

Numerous passengers, drivers, and pedestrians suffer grave personal injuries. Driving under the influence of alcohol is the most common cause.

There many other types of accidents that can take place during holidays, which are:

Burn Injuries: Partying and cooking is the soul of festive. Now, being attentive and mindful at the time of merriment is sort of a challenge when your mind is dancing with your friend. A small mistake or absentmindedness can cause a hazardous fire. It can be some unattended candle that burns down an entire house.

Food poisoning: Excessive eating, improper defrosting, uncooked turkey to unmindful eating; all these can lead to severe food poisoning. Even a few restaurants face a wave of guests and fail to micro-manage the hygiene aspects. And their ignorance can cause mass food poisoning.

What Should I do if a Car Accident or other kind of injury happens over Christmas?

When car accidents happen, notify the appropriate authorities right away. This may engage on-site security, personal attorney, hospital, and of course, the police. When a car accident has taken place due to others’ reckless actions, you are allowed to seek compensation for your fatalities and losses in a claim.

At-fault motorists, retail stores, banquets, restaurants, and others generally have insurance policies in place that can easily cover your losses. If your claim is denied or they are uninsured, you can consider filing a civil lawsuit against them. Depending on the state of affairs, you may also be entitled to reparation for your pain and suffering.


Car accidents can snatch away someone’s family or can cause lifetime disability. Even if the whole world is partying, but there are still responsible professionals who are continuously serving society. All you need to do is reach out and ask for help. Remember, you are not alone in this. Even if you are the one at fault, then also it is your civil right to ask for legal assistance.



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