Most important questions to ask a motorcycle accident attorney before hiring one

motorcycle accident

Are you in the market for hiring a motorcycle personal injury attorney? If yes, you must have clicked on this post to get a clear idea of everything that you need to know on getting prepared with hiring one. You can do in depth research by visiting the blogs of legal firms like Ladah law firm  but to get you started, here are the few questions that you should ask him to cross-check he is the right one for your case.

Statistics to consider before hiring an attorney

Here are a few things that you should consider before thinking of hiring an attorney. Did you know about the sudden hike in the number of motorcycles that face critical clashes?

  • Above 8.4 million motorcycles are registered in the US
  • Around 88,000 motorcycle riders along with their passengers get injured in non-fatal accidents every year within the US
  • Among the motorcycle riders that are involved in fatal accidents, 30% of them didn’t have proper licenses

In case you’re injured or someone you love has been killed in a bike accident, you should immediately seek help of a motorcycle personal injury lawyer. But before you appoint one, here are the questions to ask.

Questions to ask a motorcycle accident lawyer

Do you only practice motorcycle personal injury?

No, there’s nothing wrong in being an expert in different aspects of law as most of the attorneys in the US handle various areas of law, including motorcycle PI, to some extent. But if you’d want your lawyer to be perfectly able to investigate and determine the value of your claim, you should choose someone with enough experience and knowledge. This can be developed only through several years of field experience. So, when you’ve been a victim of motorcycle accident, you would rather hire an attorney who best understands the intricacies of this area of law.

How many motorcycle personal injury cases did you handle?

Did you know that the maximum number of personal injury claims get settled much before they even go to trial? In fact, it has been found out that just 4% of civil cases from car accidents ever go to trial .There are a few law firms and attorneys that settle cases as soon as they can to avert the cost and time required to prepare the case for trial.

What kind of a record does the lawyer have with regards to settlements?

No, by previous verdicts and settlements, we don’t take it as a guarantee of the future results  but they definitely offer you a nice sign of the negotiating abilities of the lawyer. When you ask the lawyer about previous verdicts and settlements, do ask them to provide the date involved. Choose someone who has a great record with regards to how to settling the maximum compensation amount.

Therefore, if you’ve been injured in a car accident, there’s too much of stake. Hence, selecting the right motorcycle accident attorney will ensure your stakes are not that high. Make sure he is able to negotiate with the insurance adjusters too.

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