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The lender must go through a specific process to legally lien and auction business in Florida. This process is often illegal and fraught with errors. The bank attempting a foreclosure may not even have the right to do so. Law firms detect these errors and give a specific answer that the foreclosure cannot continue. To effectively combat an HOA or bank foreclosure, landlords must submit the correct paperwork and present a defense in court. Orlando Foreclosure Defense Attorneys will do this for you.

How to stop foreclosure:

Here are some common ways to stop the foreclosure process in Florida.

  • Mortgage practice. Lenders may be willing to compromise on your home loan, so contact them!
  • Upon liquidation, creditors are immediately barred from foreclosure through automatic suspension.
  • Short sale. Sell ​​the property for less than the outstanding mortgage amount.
  • The death of love transfers ownership to the lender, reducing liability.
  • Borrow something.

Banks do not leave gaps in foreclosures. After all, in some cases, amazing bank mortgages are the root cause! If you are facing the possibility of losing your business, foreclosure defense attorneys in Orlando can assist you with their legal expertise.

Criteria for foreclosure defense attorney:

  • This property is not an investment property or an abandoned property. This is your house.
  • Must be in good condition (may require inventory or due diligence).
  • It is released in 90 to 180 days.
  • There are no other property rights.
  • You may be facing difficulties such as unemployment, divorce or serious health problems.
  • We’ve exhausted all our resources available for free, considering other options.

What are the practice areas?

1. Strategic default:

In Florida, strategic debt default occurs when a borrower deliberately decides to stop paying a loan or mortgage in order to strategically terminate the mortgage loan. If you think strategic debt default is right for your situation, take legal action now.

2. Short sales:

You can reduce the load by choosing to sell your business short. The lender or landlord who pays for the property is expected to receive the majority of the proceeds from the sale and have the opportunity to avoid liability.

4. Loan modification:

Having trouble paying off your mortgage? you are not alone. Many people struggle to make money and make expensive monthly mortgage payments, especially in today’s economy. A loan modification is an option that can help you renegotiate your monthly payment with your bank and make it more convenient for you.

5. Deed in LIEU:

If you qualify, you and the mortgage lender may have an option to stop the lien on the deed if you agree. Your creditor should assess and evaluate your situation and agree to foreclose rather than confiscate your property. Typically, the repayment process covers outstanding debt, but otherwise you may be liable to pay the remainder.

Other options in which defense attorney can help:

  • Whether you need to choose a change of credit, bill of exchange, short sale, or other options.
  • Navigating Complex Trial Procedures
  • File all property documents to protect your lien
  • Your protection in disputes with creditors
  • Please tell me the mechanism of Florida’s foreclosure method.

The agency will develop a specific strategy to avoid the foreclosure process while you work to save your home or settle your property. I am proud to fight to protect excess foreclosure funds for former homeowners.

Foreclosure process:

  • The debtor will first file a lawsuit in state court and will be served with the subpoena to the debtor.
  • The borrower has 20 days to give a reply.
  • If there is no response, the court may issue a default judgment and the debtor automatically loses the case. The creditor gives an answer that prevents the creditor from defaulting.
  • Creditors can then apply for a summary judgment. That is, the court assumes that the facts of the case are indisputable and decides in favor of the creditor or judges the debtor.
  • If the court gives a summary judgment to the lender or the borrower loses, the business is auctioned off.
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