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Minimalist Bedroom Decor Ideas That Are Far From Boring

Bedroom Decor

Bedrooms are a place of peace and solace where you lay your head to rest. Clutter can often make this sanctuary stressful. Minimalist-style bedrooms might seem cold and boring, but they can actually make you feel light and happy if decorated in the right way. We have a few ideas for your minimalist bedroom.

Neutral Palette

Neutral colours don’t have to be boring if you stick in some pops of colour. White and beige are soothing colours in your bedroom. Keep your main colours of the curtains, bedspread and furniture neutral. You can then throw pops of colour in using pillows. Shades on the lamps should be neutral as they will cast a glow in the room helping you to calm down after a long day. If you have a rug, keep it neutral to pull the room together. It won’t seem boring at all with the simple pops of colour. You can even throw in pillows with different patterns and/or designs. Simply mixed with fun will help it feel less cluttered and more engaging.

Platform Furniture

Furniture closer to the ground gives the minimalist room a boost. A platform bed not only does this but also adds style. Instead of elaborate sleigh beds, beautiful canopies and tall beds that take up much of the room, the platform bed is simple. You don’t even need a headboard which gives the room even less of a cluttered feel. You may need to buy a new mattress that goes perfectly with your new bed. Comfort combined with style will have you sleeping like a baby. A platform bed calls for a simple setup without all of the bells and whistles of shams and throw pillows. Put a few simple pillows on the bed and you’re ready to roll in relaxation.

Clean Lines

Furniture with all of the wild edges and curved sides don’t help the minimalist look. The best type of furniture in a minimalist room has clean lines that make the entire room look sleek. Don’t go for furniture with frills, but instead choose the light, open furniture with straight edges. Stick to the only the furniture that you need and can fit well in the room. Set the furniture up around the room away from each other creating clean lines between them as well. You’ll get a more relaxed vibe once you walk into the room with all of the straight lines.

Keep Art Simple

Your walls don’t have to be bare just because you’re going for the minimalist look. Choose artwork that’s got clean lines and a simple style. Choose colours that are neutral or muted so they aren’t jumping off the walls. Hang a few large frames around the room with simple artwork in the frames. Choose something that makes you feel peace. You can even hang photos of the family with just one person in each frame so it doesn’t take over the wall. If you do photos, keep them in muted colours or print them in black and white.

Keep Dresser Tops and Nightstands Free of Clutter

Keep as little as possible on the top of your dresser and nightstand. Place a lamp on your nightstand with a simple, small vase or a small stack of books next to it. Your dresser top really only serves as a place where most people place photo frames and jewellery. You can stash jewels in the bathroom or in a drawer instead of cluttering up the dresser. If you feel like the dresser is empty, place one decoration on each end in a muted colour that doesn’t take up much room.

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