How Earnity Differs From Other Crypto Sites

Cryptocurrency platform

Earnity is all about being socially active

Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa realize that humans are social creatures by nature. That is why they created Earnity to be a social-first cryptocurrency platform. While other services construct their marketplaces as silos, making them unavailable to the masses. This specialized approach is in direct opposition to the objectives of early crypto founders like Satoshi Nakamoto. 

Information and access must be public, peer-to-peer, and easily accessed. Earnity focuses on internet components that foster a sense of community. These include the opportunity to link with, get input from, and discuss issues with other individuals who share common interests. Their goal is to provide a public image scoring framework governed by the community on a structure designed with trust and safety in mind.

The goal to simplify DeFi

Using, safeguarding, and understanding cryptocurrencies can be challenging. It has prevented widespread adoption of cryptocurrency, particularly among individuals and in locations where the technology may be less up-to-date.

Their objective is to make crypto and DeFi more accessible and user-friendly for all people. This notion promotes collaborative learning because any community member may develop, follow, share, and comment on themed crypto collections.

Developing the best Cryptocurrency platform

The birth of Bitcoin sparked a blockchain craze that has spawned over 15,000 cryptocurrency initiatives and hundreds of crypto-related businesses and services. Exclusive, pricey, and restricted crypto exchange listings are no longer available.

These new assets, tokens, and initiatives require deeper awareness to properly develop an open and accessible crypto community. Earnity co-founders Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa have made sure this crypto platform outshines all others available. The team’s research focuses on innovative technologies and business strategies that help reduce the cost of financial services while also increasing people’s access to the digital marketplace.

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