Finding a Logical Pathway Through Tragedy


It is unfortunate that tragic events happen. But that doesn’t mean that life stops surrounding the rest of your life. Often, the more logical that you can be about a tragedy, the sooner the situation will resolve itself. The emotions behind disasters will often keep people from making the best decisions that they can. You have to do everything that you can to not fall into this trap.

It’s bad enough that something terrible happened, but suffering further consequences because of an inability to make practical decisions makes things worse.

Three situations may come to mind immediately when you think about trying to figure out how to be logical when all you want to do is be emotional. In the event of wrongful death, you need to know what the next legal steps you should take. If there is a sickness in the family, you have to understand how to navigate medical and healthcare bills. And if you’re involved in a situation as a consequence of a natural disaster, it’s not good enough to try to get by. You have to understand insurance matters in paperwork as soon as possible.

Wrongful Death

If someone in your orbit dies and you are concerned that it is a wrongful death, then you need to talk to a lawyer immediately. It is one of those situations that you can’t handle on your own. Even looking for advice online will only get you so far. You need a consultation from a wrongful death lawyer who can answer all your questions in an official capacity. Without this sort of professional consultation, you can suffer a lot of unintended consequences in the long run.

Sickness in the Family

Dealing with a sickness in the family is one of the hardest things for a person to handle. Especially if the disease is long-term, it can feel like it’s impossible to make practical decisions about things like healthcare, budgeting, and living situations. As an example, you can look at people’s stories as they talk about having a family member with cancer, and you can begin to see where some of the issues start and how they continue. You have to be able to be logical even in the face of long-term suffering.

Natural Disasters

In some areas of the world, natural disasters are expected, and people know how to handle them. In other cases, terrible things can happen right up out of the blue. If you’re trying to get insurance from natural disasters, you can be in for a rough ride. Insurance companies don’t want to give you money.

You have to be able to prove without a doubt that you deserve a certain amount of money because of the situation, and then you have to wait for it to come through. It is one time when logical reasoning will definitely trump any emotional reaction you might have.

Kelly Passarelly
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