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7 Wood Preservation Tips To Know During Summer Weather

Wood Preservation

Whether it’s on your home, barn, or other possession, it’s important to keep wood from rotting or going bad because of the structural damage that wood rot or damage can inflict. During the summer months, this can be especially difficult as the wood is exposed to heat, sun, and rain. Here are seven tips to help preserve your wood during summer weather.

1. Limit Exposure to Weather Elements

Exposure to summer elements like sun, rain, and heat can quickly damage wood surfaces. Limiting this exposure will minimize damage. If you have items that can fit under a tarp, consider covering them when you know hazardous weather is coming. Additionally, store unused wooden items inside to prevent harm.

2. Regularly Clean the Wood

It’s important to keep wood clean to prevent it from deteriorating. Dust, dirt, and water can all damage your wood. Be sure to regularly wipe down exposed wooden surfaces to protect them against damage.

3. Hire a Professional Company

A professional company that specializes in wood preservation can help keep your wooden products in tip-top shape. Not only do they know the best methods to preserve wood, but they can also give you tips and tricks to keep your wood looking brand new.

Most wood preservation companies will use high-quality products and the latest methods to preserve the wood. This will expand the life of your wood and keep it strong and durable.

4. Buy and Apply Products

You can also buy and apply products from your local hardware store. Before doing it yourself, be sure you understand the steps it takes to appropriately preserve wood.

Certain oils can help keep wood strong and protect it for years. A mixture of solvent and oil may be most effective for some products.

5. Create Your Own Products

You can also create your own products to preserve wood at home. Boiled linseed oil and turpentine are a popular combination that helps preserve wood’s texture and strength. In fact, linseed oil is a popular ingredient in commercial products as well.

When applying these products, you may need to first sand the surfaces. Be sure to remove any excess moisture or liquid prior to applying your home product.

6. Restain or Repaint Frequently

Restaining and refinishing will not only make your wooden products look new, but also extend their lifespan. You can restain wood by painting over the current finish. Painting outdoor items may take a tougher primer and paint.

7. Maintain Airflow

Proper airflow helps your wood stay dry and clean. Ventilation helps prevent moisture from building up, so be sure to free your wooden structure from any attached plants, like fines or leaves.

Preserving your wooden structures during the summer months is essential to extending their lifespan. Keeping the wood clear and dry will help it maintain its condition. Additionally, applying store-bought or homemade products like oil can help protect it for years. If you’re unsure what to do, contact your local wood preservation expert.

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