4 Activities to Try for Teaching Children How to Write Checks

Write Checks

You probably know at least one adult who doesn’t know how to write out a check properly. In fact, maybe you yourself have even paused for a moment in the process. While all human beings make mistakes once in awhile, you don’t want your kids to grow up without the knowledge of how to write a check. Despite this desire of yours, making the process of learning how to write a check sound fun is challenging. Fortunately, you can try some appealing activities to stimulate your children’s interest in learning this skill.

Play Pretend

If your children are quite young, you might want to play pretend with them. Many kids have sets of toys that resemble the items found in a grocery store. Your children might also have a playhouse that they want to pretend is a hotel. In any case, you can pretend that you are the shopper buying goods or a tourist checking into the hotel for a vacation. Then, you can tell your kids that you want to pay by check. In doing so, you can show them how to write out checks. In the next round, your kids should play the shopper or tourist so that they have an opportunity to try the process of writing out a check.

Give Gifts

When your kids love to give gifts to others, you can use this experience to demonstrate to your little ones how to write out a check. Chances are that you have a monetary gift to give at some point in the near future. When you are writing out that check, let your kids watch. Then, they can take a turn when it comes time to give one of their friends or close relatives a monetary gift. You can make the writing of the check one part of a larger process. In other words, you can also go to the store together to pick out a nice card to put the check in.

Enrolling in Activities

Your kids likely participate in some activities. For example, they might belong to athletic teams, or they may go to an art program at the local community center. Another possibility is that you enroll them in music lessons or in theater classes. Whatever activities your kids participate in, you probably have the option to pay for the programs with a check. Now, you can let your kids write out the memo on the check. This strategy is a fun way to teach your children about writing checks while also getting your little ones excited for their programs.

Open a Bank Account

When your children are quite young, you may very well have bank accounts for them. As they grow older and learn how to become responsible with money, you can look into getting each child a checking account along with checks. Explain to your children the types of experiences and items that they can pay for with checks. Giving your older children some freedom to write checks can help them to feel empowered. Of course, you want to keep an eye on what they are spending and have a conversation if they are getting into a negative situation with money.

Writing a check is a basic skill that many adults don’t know how to accomplish. Teach your kids how to approach this task starting from when they are young.

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