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3 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your AC in Pristine Condition

Air Conditioner Cleaned

The summer heat is in full swing, and here are three maintenance tips to keep your air conditioner running smoothly. With the occasional cleaning, an annual checkup, and a little TLC when it breaks down, you will be able to enjoy cool breezes all year long!

Have Your Air Conditioner Cleaned

Your air conditioner needs just as much attention as any other appliance in your home. A regular cleaning schedule should be followed so that dirt doesn’t accumulate on coils or get into the unit’s motor.

Having your air conditioner cleaned regularly will also make it more efficient. This will also help make sure that there is less wear and tear on your system, leading to expensive repairs in the future.

Regular Professional Checkups

It is important to have your air conditioner checked and serviced every year. This way, any necessary repairs or replacements can be done before a breakdown occurs during the hot summer months with no AC. The technician will also check for refrigerant leaks, dirty coils that need cleaning, or other issues that could affect the system’s performance to keep it working correctly.

Completing Regular Maintenance Tasks

To keep your air conditioner in great shape, perform these tasks more than once throughout the year. The frequency will depend on how often you use your AC and what type of system you have; however, performing them twice a month is usually sufficient for most homeowners without any issues with their unit. Keeping up this schedule can help eliminate or reduce costly repairs down the road by catching problems before becoming too serious.

Check Power Cords

If other maintenance tasks need to be done at any time during the summer months when you’re not using your AC – such as checking power cords for fraying wires or ensuring safety features work properly- do those now while it’s not in use.

Change Your Air Filter

Every so often, you should also change the filter to ensure maximum airflow and efficiency for your unit. This will reduce wear-and-tear on it and keep indoor air clean from any allergens or other contaminants that may be present outside of your home.

Be Sure to Condensate the Drains

It would be best if you also were sure to clear water from the drains. When water is standing in them, it can cause damage and lead to other expensive repair problems. It is best to maintain your air conditioner to avoid having to call a professional.

Use a Fin Comb

The coil fins are the parts that absorb heat and transfer it to the air. It’s important to keep them clean, so use a small fin comb to remove any dust or grime from between the fins while your unit is not in use. It also helps to restore them to their original condition.

These tasks can help prevent costly repairs down the road while ensuring you’re always comfortable in your own space during those hot summer months – something every homeowner deserves!

Perform these tasks more than once throughout the year depending on usage frequency (e.g., if you only turn AC on twice a week, perform them monthly).

If other maintenance tasks need to be done at any time during the summer months, do them now. For example, summertime can be hard on a home’s air conditioning system due to the increased usage.

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