3 Reasons Why Dump Trucks Need to Use a Tarp System

Dump Trucks Need to Use a Tarp System

Many drivers may or may not realize that dump trucks typically drive with tarps over the tops of their loads. There are a variety of different tarps and tarp systems that are used for dump trucks. These tarps serve several different important roles for driver safety and environmental safety. In fact, tarps are so important for dump trucks to have that drivers can be penalized if they are caught driving without tarps over their loads. We will explore the different reasons why tarps are essential for dump truck drivers to use while they are carrying their loads.

1- Keeping Others Safe

Dump trucks typically carry loose debris, like sand and rocks, away from sites. This debris, as air passes through the trailer of a dump truck, can become airborne and can hit a variety of things as a dump truck is moving between locations. Loose debris, which comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, can be extremely dangerous to other drivers and can serve as lethal projectiles at high rates of speed. There are plenty of stories of dump truck debris cracking the windshields of vehicles, and even killing drivers. Debris that leaves a dump truck and makes it safely to the surface of a road can still become airborne and dangerous after another car passes over it. To eliminate these potentially-deadly issues completely, many states have passed regulations on how dump truck drivers need to carry their loads.

2- Adhering to Laws

Several states have laws in place to ensure that dump truck drivers keep tarps over their loads. These laws are in place to protect the residents of the states and the overall environment. However, truck drivers are required to place tarps over their loads only by specific states, it isn’t a federal regulation. In some states, having a tarp over dump truck loads isn’t necessary as long as the debris doesn’t cause damage to the area. Therefore, truck drivers need to be conscious of the laws in the areas that they will be passing through.

3- Avoiding Fines and Penalties

Dump truck drivers place tarps over their trucks’ loads, if not out of consideration for other drivers, to avoid receiving penalties and fines. There are a variety of fines that can be given to dump truck drivers for failing to put tarps over their trucks’ loads. These fines differ by state and by the actual offenses. Some states issue fines if debris leaves a dump truck, and additional fines if that debris causes property damage. To avoid paying unnecessary fines for a mistake, it is better for dump truck drivers to routinely keep the loads of their trucks covered.


Using a tarp on the top of a dump truck is for more than just the safety of the dump truck driver. The tarp protects a variety of people and organisms around the dump truck. While it may take extra time and caution to place a tarp onto the top of a dump truck, the tarp serves a very important role. There are a variety of tarp systems that make placing a tarp onto a dump truck much easier than previously. Consider looking into the various tarp systems if you are interested in the new advancements in dump truck technology.

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