What’s An Anonymous LLC?

Anonymous LLC

The 21st-century world has made it next to impossible to move money around without the government knowing. In a world where even cash is not king, it may seem impossible to make a large purchase or build wealth without the government knowing.

However, one tool can provide you with anonymity when purchasing real estate. And that tool is an anonymous LLC.

What’s Anonymous LLC?

Anonymous LLC is a limited liability company that does not reveal the valid owner of its assets. These types of business entities are often used by those who want to keep their names or other personal information away from public records.

Why Do People Set Up Anonymous LLCs?

Here is a list of reasons why you might consider forming an anonymous LLC for your business:


People usually set up an Anonymous LLC to protect their privacy and avoid liability. For example, if they own rental properties, they might form an Anonymous LLC so that their tenants can’t find out where they live.

Asset protection

They might also use one instead of buying insurance when they don’t have enough coverage. Another reason why people use these types of business entities is that they don’t want anyone else to know about certain assets (such as stocks) that are held within them.

Protection from frivolous lawsuits

If someone sues you, they will not know who you are unless they take legal action against your LLC first. This means that they cannot file frivolous lawsuits against you without first taking action against your LLC.

It ensures anonymity when purchasing real estate

This anonymity also works when purchasing real estate through an anonymous LLC. If someone does not know who owns the LLC that purchased their property, they cannot sue you individually for anything that happened on or with the

How to Set Up an Anonymous LLC

To set up an Anonymous LLC, you’ll need to provide some basic information about your business and its owners when filing the Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State office in your state.

This includes your company name, address, contact details for someone at the company who can handle legal matters on behalf of everyone involved (usually this will be one person), whether or not there will be any outside investors involved in running this business entity, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions about Anonymous LLC

Is forming an anonymous LLC expensive?

Not at all. It costs about the same as forming a regular LLC. The only difference is that you don’t name yourself as the owner of the LLC in the official records.

If I do this, is my identity protected from anyone who might want to sue me or garnish my wages?

Yes. No one can take away any of your assets because they don’t know what assets belong to you. They don’t even know who you are! So, if someone sues your company for something, they can never get your assets. And since they don’t know who you are, they can’t even garnish your wages!

Finally, Can I open a bank account in my LLC’s name?

Yes. You need to provide a copy of the Articles of Organization and Operating Agreement and proof of address

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