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What You Should Know About Cheap Appraisal Services Antique Furniture

Antique Furniture

Cheap appraisal services for antique furniture is something many new collectors of antiques and vintage furniture pieces are looking for. This is because when first starting out, many people may not have lots of money to spend on an appraisal and would rather spend their dough on the furniture itself. Whether or not a cheap appraisal is a good idea depends on the person or company who is giving it and receiving it. For example, if you have a pretty good idea about the worth of your item and just want to confirm it, a cheap appraisal may help you verify what you already know.

One way to get a cheap appraisal is to do it yourself. If you are not buying an antique for resale purposes then you may not care about a formal appraisal. In this case, simply buying some books on the subject might be enough to tell you what you’ve got and how much it is realistically worth. Now, if you’ve got a family heirloom that you are thinking of selling, a professional appraisal is definitely a good idea. Without one, you are likely to be a target for scam artists who want to rip you off.

When shopping for an appraisal service, a good place to start is your local Yellow Pages. Simply look through the ads listed there and call each business to obtain a quote and learn more about the services they offer. Many appraisers specialize in a particular area of expertise, so be sure to ask. There are various associations and societies for antique appraisers that can refer you to accredited professionals near you. Once you’ve narrowed your list down to a few professionals you are considering, check their standing with the Better Business Bureau and ask any questions you have before making a final decision.

Cheap appraisal services antique furniture experts will vary in price and quality. For example, what is cheap in a big city might be expensive in a small town. You definitely want to choose an appraiser who is experienced and has some sort of professional license or accreditation. One word of caution — if an appraiser offers to buy your item after appraising it, you might be getting scammed. Some unscrupulous appraisers will value the item for a low amount so they can buy it for that amount then resell it for what it is actually worth. Luckily, most appraisers you come into contact with will most likely be professional and trustworthy.

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