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What To Consider When Buying A Patio Umbrella

Patio Umbrella

To a whole lot of people, summer is only a few days away and many are already making lofty preparations to once again, make it their best summer yet. While summer does not technically begin until the 20th or 21st of June, we already see lots and lots of brightly colored floral dresses and T-shirts all around. Campers are also already stocking up on supplies for the road. We think summer is here already!

Well, let us tone down our excitement a bit. We still have the burning heat to deal with which, quite frankly, is always a bummer. We extend our heartfelt condolence to you if you live in Florida, Texas, or one of those typically hotter states. We definitely do not envy you in this regard. Remember to be generous when applying sunscreen and consider investing in sunglasses, pina coladas, and umbrellas, especially umbrellas. Visit https://www.parrishhealthcare.com/ to learn more about the benefits of sunscreen.

Speaking of umbrellas, they are a must if you have a patio space, more so during summer. Aside from their primary function, which is to protect from direct sunlight, they can significantly help to beautify your outdoor space. You just have to pick the right one. Now, when it comes to picking the best umbrella for patio space, several should be taken into consideration. We will be looking at those in a bit. But for now, let us briefly discuss how patio spaces can make summers even more memorable and enjoyable.

Summers are Better with Awesome Patio Spaces

Generally, homes with even average-looking outdoor spaces are seen as more beautiful and valuable than those with no outdoor space at all. But that is not what we want to talk about, we are merely pointing out an interesting fact…you are welcome!

Patios are generally built for lounging, relaxation, and entertainment; all of which are typically associated with summer. More tasteful and loaded homeowners like to splurge on their outdoor space. You would often find amenities like a fireplace or fire pit in these more extravagant patio spaces. However, a simple setup like a sitting area with nice furniture and some shade can also be relaxing. Throw in a hammock and you have practically turned your backyard into a chic little resort.

You probably will not visit the beach every day no matter how hot it gets where you live. But staying at home does not have to be as bad as we often make it, especially if you have a nice backyard. Fire up the grill, invite some friends over, and watch how you forget about your beloved beach. Add a few fun activities and games to the mix and you will not ever want the day to end! Click here to find fun activities to do at home in the summer.

Buying the Right Patio Umbrella

As we said earlier, there are a few factors to consider if you are looking to pick up a new umbrella for your outdoor space. Let us look at those.


One of the top considerations when it comes to buying patio umbrellas is versatility and usability. Ask yourself how you would like to use this shade. For example, the market patio umbrella is a perfect choice if you just want to shade a single spot. Offset or cantilever umbrellas, on the hand, are more versatile and offer greater flexibility. They can be positioned quite easily to shade different spots more conveniently without having to move them from the base all the time. So, this is something you would want to keep in mind as you explore your options.


The shape of the umbrella is also an important consideration and will most likely be determined by the space available, the area you wish to shade, and your preference in terms of look. The most common shapes are round (mostly octagonal, but round is what they are calling it), square, and rectangle. If you will be shading a rectangular dining table with chairs, for example, a rectangular umbrella would be more practical.

To get one that fits perfectly though, you might have to take actual measurements with a tape. But if that sounds like a lot of work, you should find the information below quite useful:

Umbrella SizeRecommended Table WidthRecommended Furniture Umbrella Stand Weight
6 – 6.5 ft.Up to 30 in.Single chair bistro setUp to 35 lbs.
7 – 7.5 ft.Up to 48 in.4-person patio dining set35 – 55 lbs.
8 – 8.5 ft.Up to 58 in.4 to 6-person patio dining set40 – 55 lbs.
9 – 9.5 ft.Up to 62 in.Set of chaise lounges or 6-person patio dining set.65 – 75 lbs.
10 – 10.5 ft.Up to 84 in.Patio conversation set or 6 to 8-person dining set.75 lbs. or larger

Build Material

Patio umbrellas are not all made from equal materials, some last a lot longer than others while some look more visually appealing. Wood umbrellas, for example, have a natural, timeless appeal that just looks great in lush green environments. However, their color and structural integrity tend to fade much faster than shades made from stainless steel. The latter is fitting for minimalist décor which many will agree is quite trendy right now. Since they are resistant to corrosion, they are better suited to withstand the elements, making them a more durable option. Check out Watson’s outdoor patio umbrellas to learn more.

Then there is also the most important thing, the canopy fabric. This is what will be doing the actual shading and it is also the most visible part of the umbrella. Therefore, you want to take your time to pick out a material that is not only beautiful to look at but also functional and durable.

The acrylic fabric is the most popular for both residential and commercial outdoor usage. It is durable and can retain its color for years. High-quality acrylic fabrics offer as much as 98% UV protection and are water, fade, and mildew resistant. In summary, you possibly cannot go wrong with this fabric. Other decent options include polyester, olefin, and polyethylene.

Final Thoughts

Patio umbrellas, depending on their quality and how they are maintained can last for years without needing a replacement. This is why taking the time and effort that is required to pick out the best is worth it. Of course, in the end, your budget decides what you end up getting. However, you will find that spending that extra dollar to get a high-quality umbrella is a worthy investment.

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