What Are The Main Advantages Of Laptops?

Advantages Of Laptops

The modern workforce is more mobile. Actually, IDC estimates that this year, there are going to be 1.3 billion mobile workers around the world, which is 37.2 percent of the workforce.

Mobile workers require access to all the tools as their office colleagues which means they need laptops that are robust, powerful, lightweight, and priced reasonably. Therefore we recommend you to visit for the best traditional laptops and for the best 2-in-1 laptops visit Find out what we believe are the top five essential characteristics of a laptop for business.

1. Durability

With a lot of workers in motion, laptop makers have started to make durability a priority as a key selling point. In general, metal cases provide greater protection than plastic cases however nothing is better than an encasement made of a rubber case.

Certain models are designed specifically to withstand continuous movement. If you are looking for less durable models, consider buying a case with shock proofing that can be attached to your laptop or purchasing an extremely durable laptop bag.

When choosing a laptop make sure that the listed weight includes a battery (which could add up to two pounds).

2. Portability

Modern laptops are as effective as their desktop counterparts. They are classified into a variety of broad categories that include ultra-portable (with 9-14″ screen and weighing around 2.4 pounds) and laptop (11-17″ screen and 3-6 pounds) as well as a Desktop replacement (15″ display or greater and larger than 4.5 pounds).

3. Storage

There are many laptops available in the market with 64GB to 2Tera Bite of storage. For those who require larger files, like videos, and high-resolution photos greater storage capacity is more efficient. But even 128GB will suffice for 19,000 songs, 60,000 photos, or 3 million documents from business.

If your employees often travel, you may want to think about a laptop that has an SSD. (SSD). In contrast to traditional hard drives, SSDs do not have moving parts, making them more efficient, durable, and less prone to overheating.

4. Performance

The majority of laptops for business have high-performance processors and integrated graphics cards that are designed to work with multi-tabbed browsing as well as common office applications. In most instances, this is all you’ll require.

Naturally, when have to deal with massive media files, edit frequently videos and images or you want to play video games during the lunch hour, it’s best to pick a laptop with better graphics and memory.

5. Battery Life

A study conducted in 2015 by Digital Trends found that the average laptop battery runs 6 hours. If you’re spending longer than that from power sources Don’t fret – certain laptops for business can surpass the nine-hour mark, allowing you all-day work with just one charge.


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