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The Importance of Tree Maintenance and Why to Not Put It Off

tree maintenance

One of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to landscape maintenance is regular tree trimming. This can help ensure that your trees will have the best possible growth and health. It can also add to the value of your property and prevent costly repairs. Another important aspect of tree trimming that’s often overlooked is to minimize the risk of storm damage.

Although regular tree trimming can benefit most trees, young ones require the most care to develop a desirable shape and be structurally sound. Pruning should be done regularly, but it’s important to follow proper steps and avoid damaging the tree permanently.

Proper tree trimming can help prevent costly damage to your trees. It’s important to hire a professional tree service to carry out the work safely and efficiently. This can help prevent potential issues down the road. Below are some reasons regular tree maintenance is important.

1. Keeps Trees Healthy

Pruning can stimulate new growth and improve the overall health of your landscape by removing dead and dying branches. It can also prevent existing damage from developing into a worse situation, which could cause tree death. Another benefit of regular tree trimming is that it allows you to keep an eye on the direction of your trees’ growth. This can help ensure that they’re still able to maintain their long-term stability.

2. Improves Landscape Appearance

Preventative branch maintenance can keep the appearance of your trees looking nice. Regular tree maintenance can also prevent weak and broad branches from developing, and it can help prevent limbs from crossing each other and growing with weak crotches.

3. Protects Roof From Damage

Before large branches can grow too close to the roof, they must be trimmed back. If the branches are already weak due to previous damage or a storm, they can still break off and cause structural issues. Large limbs can cause more damage to your roof if they’re heavy enough.

4. Adds Property Value

The appearance of your lawn and trees can greatly affect the value of your home and property. If your trees and shrubs are growing too fast, they can negatively affect the growth of other plants and disrupt the visual balance of your yard. Having regular tree maintenance can help keep the growth rate of your trees in check.

5. Keep Branches From Scratching Shingles

Even thin branches can scratch the underside of your roof’s shingles due to their weight. Although manufacturers of these materials recommend that they’re kept in place to prevent them from coming loose, they can still get damaged if they’re constantly exposed to the sun’s damaging effects. Once they delaminate, the remaining granules will eventually break down and leave your roof with a poor appearance.

Figuring out how to properly care for your trees can be hard. If the size of your trees and their limbs are large, it’s important to hire a tree trimming service. Hiring a professional tree service can help protect both you and your property.

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