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The best and inexpensive alternatives to hardwood floors!

hardwood floors

Like everyone else, even we love hardwood floors! But not everyone can afford the same. And if you are someone who drools looking at this floor at a friend’s place, but can’t save enough to install it, or does not prefer to invest a lot on flooring, we have a list of some great alternatives to hardwood floors which won’t feel heavy on your pockets. And guess what? Though they don’t cost you the same, they look exactly as if you have timber placed on your floor.

List of some great inexpensive timber alternatives!

Flooring is certainly an essential part of your home and it deserves to look appealing. But this doesn’t mean that you should drain your bank balance to achieve the same. With the regular updates of the décor items and recent discoveries of some more amazing flooring options, mimicking timber floors is possible and that too without shedding much moolah. So, let’s read about the best of these hardwood floor alternatives below and decide which one is most suitable for your place:

o Vinyl or engineered floor — Vinyl flooring is the most commonly used alternative to hardwood floor. It comes in a dizzying number of variants and looks absolutely lovely in any room or place. What’s more, even installation of these planks is super easy and quick as compared to hardwood floors and it’s absolutely waterproof! Yes, you read it right, it’s waterproof which means you can happily have a wooden looking floor in your kitchen as well.

o Laminate floorings — You can call it a much cheaper option than a vinyl floor, but it’s absolutely nothing less than the vinyl. It’s slightly soft for your feet and looks ravishing in any kind of room. Laminate mimics hardwood beautifully in appearance. Again, you will get to see laminate in innumerable variants and shades, and they are super easy to install as well.

o Bamboo floors — Bamboo, a natural alternative for hardwood floor, is globally accepted as the best replacement of hardwood floors. It’s actually a grass, can be recycled and is an extremely environment friendly option to opt for. It looks exactly like a hardwood floor and saves a lot of money in installation and purchase. So, no matter whether you are looking for a commercial or decking timber in Auckland, Plantation Bamboo provides the best variants of bamboo for you which present a hardwood facade incredibly well.

o Cork flooring — Another natural alternative to hardwood that is actually a timber too, but one that costs relatively less than the former option, is cork. It feels slightly hard to your feet, but is quite easy to maintain and install. But if you have kids and pets at home, then the cork floors may give you some issues as they are vulnerable to scratches easily.

o Wooden looking tiles — So, what if you can’t afford hardwood, you can still get the same ambience in your home by installing wood resembling tiles. These tiles are long lasting, easy to maintain, water-resistant, and even cost less than half the amount you spend on hardwood floors.

Now, you need not feel disappointed that you can’t have that luxurious feel of the wooden floor in your home. With these alternatives, fulfill your dream and don’t worry about the cost!

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