Signs You Are Codependent

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Sometimes you might feel drained of all energy though you just spent some time with your loved one. You could be so habituated to being around needy people that you would feel hollow and worthless. This is called codependency, wherein you are adapting yourself to another person’s needs and not having a supportive relationship with them.  

These signs are not limited to romantic relationships but extend to all other types. More than often, it can be harmful because you are preoccupied with the other person’s feelings at the cost of yours. If you find these patterns in yourself, it is good to address these growing issues by understanding this condition and looking for the signs listed below. It is best suggested to opt for Oklahoma City individual counseling to seek professional help. 

Lack of proper boundaries 

When your tolerance level for a particular behavior can be easily pushed off for the person, keeping aside how those actions make you feel indicates weak boundaries. In such a case, you allow the behavior to be repeated no matter how it affects you. 

Fear of abandonment 

As a codependent person, you might be dealing with a constant fear of losing your loved one. This might push you to do things to ensure they would not leave you. It might include supporting them in their unhealthy choices and behaviors, despite being against your values.  

Low self-worth 

One of the root causes of codependency arises from low self-worth. When you do not respect yourself as worthy of love, time, and space, you will do anything to make sure you do not lose the people you have. In such a case, you constantly seek validation by fulfilling their needs. This is the reason why codependency gravitates you to troubled people. 


Codependency does not build in a person just by itself. One of the major reasons is when circumstances force you to be overly responsible from a comparatively early stage. This makes it a habit for you to care for people and their feelings, thoughts, and problems as if they were yours. Most of all, you would choose to do so over meeting your deadlines and needs. Eventually, this leads to a loss of self-image wherein you do not have answers about your likes and dislikes. 

Poor communication 

Eventually, all these signs make a codependent person detached from their essential self. When stating their opinion in a certain scenario, it might be usual to set aside how they feel and what they think. Their concern would be to ensure they are not upsetting people around them or not making mistakes that would cost them in the form of loss of people. 

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