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Many people are in quarantine or lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. This has redefined how many people interact with their food. Supply chains have been interrupted and shopping is more difficult with maximum occupancy guidelines and other challenges. Fortunately, some restaurants are stepping up to help with options like zero contact delivery and special deals for quarantine.

Shaq and Papa John’s

As you may know, Shaquille O’Neal is quite the investor and entrepreneur. He has said previously that his business deals have been far more lucrative than his basketball career (which was nothing to scoff at). One of his most recent deals has been investing in several Papa John’s locations and joining the board of directors.

Together, the brand and Shaq have created some fun promotional campaigns. He has brought his unique charisma and brand of humor to the partnership. The pizza chain has brought some impressive deals. During quarantine, they are working together to offer people Shaq-sized deals while they are stuck at home.

What Pizza Discounts Papa John’s Is Now Offering

Papa John’s always has some great pizza discounts available. One of the best ways to save during quarantine is to sign up for the rewards program. This will give you “Papa dough” you can spend on future orders. It is pretty easy to save up enough rewards for free appetizers or even a free pizza. You could be dining entirely on rewards before you know it.

Every store also has different specials running all the time. If you go to the app or website, you will find the specials listed when you search for your nearest store. If you’ve ordered previously, this is even easier as your preferred store will already be set.

You can also sign up for text or email offers. These send you deals and other promotions from time to time. It is a great way to score an even better deal on new and classic Papa John’s favorites.

Why You Should Order Papa John’s Meatball Pepperoni Papadia

If you are bored during quarantine and want to try something new, look no further than the meatball pepperoni Papdia. This is a type of half-pizza, half-sandwich hybrid meal. You could also think of it as being half-quesadilla and half-calzone. Whatever it is, the Papadia is 100% delicious.

There are four options currently (Philly cheesesteak, grilled BBQ chicken and bacon, meatball and pepperoni and Italian). While each is good in its own way, the meatball and pepperoni one is the ultimate pizza sandwich. It is pretty much exactly what you would picture if you had to imagine a half-pizza, half-sandwich concoction. Give it a try; you’ll be glad you did.

Order Some Food Tonight

Break up some of the tedium of quarantine with some tasty pizza deals. Alternatively, spice up your meal plan with a Papadia. Times are tough on a lot of people. If you are feeling a little down, why not treat yourself with a pizza? It can be a nice break from needing to make meals at home. It will also save you from having too many dishes. That is something everyone can get behind.

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