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Pros And Cons Of Replacement Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass Doors

Front doors, either steel or fiberglass doors, play an essential role in being the main entry into the house and providing security. The front door is also the first part of the house people see, giving the home the first impression. Besides, the door you buy should increase energy efficiency, so you should pay less energy bills.

However, choosing a front can be challenging mainly because of the many materials available today, and one of the most common front door materials is fiberglass. Doors made from this material are robust, durable, and energy-efficient. We have mentioned some of the pros and cons to consider when buying a fiberglass exterior door.

1. What Is Fiberglass

Door manufacturers make fiberglass entry doors Canada from compressed-molded fiberglass. The material is molded into a door shape that matches the homeowner’s needs and preferences. The end product is a sturdy and durable door that withstands most climatic conditions.

Homeowners can choose the design of their fiberglass door or ask for a custom-made one. However, these are more expensive and take longer to be ready. Also, if you like the look of wood, you can get a fiberglass door stained with a wood grain to resemble a wooden one. The door material has an insulating foam, making the entry energy efficient.

2. Pros Of Fiberglass Doors

Before buying, always check the advantages the door has. Some pros of fiberglass doors are

a. Versatility

Fiberglass is easy to cut and style, so the doors are available in many designs. You can quickly get one that matches your home, and if you do, you can ask for a custom-made door.

b. Durability

Once you buy a fiberglass door, you won’t have to worry about maintenance and care. Although it can dent and warp when hit by strong forces, this door has high impact resistance. Also, the door can withstand different climatic conditions. It rarely fades when hit by the sun, and it won’t be harmed by the strong hits of hailstorms.

When buying the door, don’t always opt for the cheaper one. It is less durable and cracks easily, meaning you might have to replace it sooner. A more costly fiberglass door has good material and high durability. This door will serve you for long before you think of replacing it.

c. Energy Efficient

The most significant advantage fiberglass doors are known for is energy efficiency. The door material has insulating power and does not allow heat and cold air exchange in the house. Keeping the temperatures right in the rooms keeps the HVAC system off, reducing energy bills.

d. Longevity

Get the fiberglass door if you are looking for a door that will last ages. Its energy resistance and ability to withstand harsh climatic conditions give it a longer lifespan. Also, due to its sturdiness and durability, this door does not require storm door protection.

e. Easy To Maintain

A fiberglass door can be cleaned by wiping it with a wet rag. Besides, the door does not fade, so you don’t need to repaint it. An easy-to-maintain entry means fewer maintenance costs saving you money.

3. Cons Of Fiberglass Door

a. Costly

Although the fiberglass door has many advantages, it is costly to buy. The standard price for the door is $800-$2500l, depending on the size and style. These prices are over twice those of steel doors and slightly higher than wood doors. However, with all the advantages fiberglass door has, it is worth that cost. Also, the custom-made fiberglass entry doors Canada and wood finishing are more costly.

When buying the door, visit many manufacturers to compare the prices and see the most affordable ones. However, refrain from buying from the cheapest sellers because they could be selling lower-quality fiberglass.

b. Less Security

Although the fiberglass door is impact resistant and sturdy and can hardly be broken into, it might not be a suitable choice if security is of high concern in your area. It is more advisable to get a thick steel or wood door to make your home more secure. However, by opting to these other options, you will lose the positive side of the fiberglass doors.

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