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iOS Development

Taking the time to master an in-demand technical skill can have great pay-offs these days, whether it’s for a hobby or side project, or as a means to score a new career. With the advent of mobile technology and the variety of different devices owned by today’s population, learning to develop mobile applications is a skill which can have great payoffs. Apple’s app store is quite popular, so iOS development skills are in demand. If you’re interested in learning to develop iOS applications, the price tag of many online courses may have deterred you up to this point. Luckily, an array of free iOS development resources is available online, so take the time to start learning today.

Why Learn iOS Development?

In addition to Apple and iOS applications, you might consider learning to develop for Android, Windows phone, Blackberry, or for other operating systems. IOS is a great choice thanks to the stability of the development environment and the lack of fragmentation within the Apple realm. The iOS application coding is based upon the Objective-C language, a popular choice for a variety of software development applications, so you gain a skill which can apply to many different technological needs. The earning potential is quite high, whether you’re making an app on your own or using your development skills as a means to obtain a job with an existing software company. There are many benefits to learning how to program for iOS, so use the resources as much as possible.

Appcoda iOS Programming Course

Appcoda is a website dedicated to providing tools to master iOS app development. You can start with their tutorial series, great for kicking off your iOS development journey. Use the tutorials to master the XCode interface, learn to make some simple applications, and begin to master the language at hand. You can even learn some basic game development skills with the included maze game tutorial series.

Ray Wenderlich Tutorials

Tutorials on the Ray Wenderlich site are diverse and in-depth. If you’re brand new with no exposure to Objective-C, a tutorial series is included to familiarize you with the language. After mastering the language basics, their beginner iPhone programming tutorials teach you to make and submit an incredibly simple application. Other series cover programming for certain versions of iOS, learning to debug, making games using UIKit, Cocos2D or Corona, saving data, and much more.

Mobile Tuts+

The Tuts+ network offers tutorials for a number of prominent programs and tech needs, including mobile app development. The iOS SDK tutorials teach a number of applicable skills like game design, creating custom interfaces, making specific applications, and even teaching the various iDevice displays. The tutorials are perfect for those with some development experience under their belt.

Stack Overflow

While Stack Overflow isn’t a traditional tutorial site, it’s a fantastic resource for anyone interested in any sort of development project. It’s a community based upon questions and answers related to technological inquiries. You can ask any question you might have about the iOS project you’re working on and await answers from the community. Upvote helpful answers, answer questions from others to improve your reputation, and take advantage of the diverse array of knowledge for any problem you might encounter.

Learning iOS development is undoubtedly a useful skill. Take advantage of free tutorials, communities, sample projects, and more to gain the best understanding possible of the development environment. Then use the skills you’ve acquired to make fantastic applications for the range of mobile devices produced by Apple.

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