Four Ways to Extend the Lifespan of Your Smartphone


Smartphone usage has grown rapidly over the last decade. Apart from its original call and text features, these advanced gadgets can now be used in shopping, researching, photography, and even navigation.

As with any other device, a smartphone requires the highest level of care and attention to survive longer. Below are simple steps you can take to keep your device functional without spending on hefty phone repair or replacement costs.

Delete unnecessary apps and photos 

Smartphones have limited storage and memory. They usually come with 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB of inbuilt storage, while some high-end models may feature 256GB or 512GB worth of space. Once you’ve reached your phone’s limit, it may start to lag and crash.

Make it a point to delete apps you rarely use. Apart from taking up large amounts of storage space, some apps tend to run in the background which can lead to slow response time. Deleting apps, documents, or text messages from months ago can clear your storage and make room for new data.

Use a tempered-glass screen protector 

Your phone’s glass screen is one of its most frequently touched areas. It can easily be stained with oil, sweat, fingerprints, and all types of grime that can result to potential damage.

A tempered glass screen protector can shield your phone from scratches, dust and other debris. Each type of screen protector is designed to solve a specific problem. A dirt-repellent luster screen protector, for instance, can ward off all kinds of debris and contaminants. On the other hand, a shatter-resistant type can keep your screen intact despite drops and slips.

However, should your screen crack before you could put on your screen protector, getting your screen replaced would be much cheaper than purchasing an entirely new device.

Choose a sturdy case 

It’s not enough to have your screen well covered. The rest of your smartphone’s components must be protected, too.

While no case can make your phone 100% damage-proof, choosing a sturdy one can help reduce expensive fixes. This is especially vital for users who tend to drop their phone frequently. Additionally, some sturdy cases also add extra protection to the phone’s screen.

Avoid overworking or overheating your battery

High temperatures are said to reduce a battery’s lifespan and efficiency over time. This means you have to keep your phone out of direct sunlight, away from window sills and off your car’s dashboard to stop overheating.

One way to keep your battery in good condition is to charge your smartphone as soon as it drops to a battery life of 75%. Waiting until the battery life reaches 25% can diminish its ability to receive and hold a charge.

Back up your files 

The main reason for data backup is to save as much information as you can in the event of a lag or cyberthreat. While it does not do much to extend your phone’s life, it can minimize the risk of data loss if something goes awry or if you have to clear your storage.

Cloud storage is one of the best solutions to data clogging. Remember, too many files, photos, videos, and messages may affect your phone’s loading time. Storing all of the accumulated data in a single place ensures easy access anytime, anywhere.

Smartphones have become everyday essentials. Maintain the life of your phone, and it’s guaranteed to serve you faithfully throughout the years.


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