BCFS System Helps Parents with Six Socially Distanced Family Activities

Socially Distanced

Quarantine and all the “six foot” rules that came with it put considerable strain on parents. They’re used to taking their kids on busy play dates, going to amusement parks, and other crowded areas. But the new reality means staying inside or sticking to outdoors play. Nonprofit organization BCFS System shares its deep experience with helping families by offering six suggested socially distanced family activities.

Take a Hike

Hiking in nature is highly recommended during quarantine. It provides families with a way to connect with nature, to get some exercise, and to get away from screens. People should still wear masks on the hiking trail, and to ensure the difficult of the hikes match the kids’ ages and skill levels.

Hit the Courts

Interest in tennis surged during the pandemic as it’s great exercise and the players are spaced much more than six feet apart. It’s an active sport that’s accessible for kids of all ages, from four-year old’s that love whacking a ball to teenagers who might find it’s their preferred sport.

Build a Treehouse

Parents with bigger yards should consider building a treehouse during quarantine. A treehouse can provide countless memories for kids and gives them a safe outdoor space to have one-on-one playdates. Parents can also safely work with their handy neighbors to build the treehouse if they need an experienced helper.

Hunt for Hidden Treasure

Geocaching is basically a big scavenger hunt using GPS. People use special apps to take different steps to find certain locations, which often feature some sort of “treasure.” The key part of geocaching is to be sure treasures are always replaced, so the next participants will experience the joy of a successful hunt.

Turn the Backyard into a Theater

With a projector, a screen or white sheet, and some speakers, parents can turn their ordinary backyards into the neighborhood hot spot for movie watching. To ensure distancing, they can lay down boards to mark six-feet seating and eating zones, so everyone has their own comfy space.

Tackle some Small Projects

Quarantine is an ideal time to finish some small projects around the house. Work outside to freshen the landscaping. Paint a room to give it a fresh look. There are multiple one-day projects that are suitable for families to do together with low chances for arguments!

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