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Aluminium Joinery – What Factors Make it Worth Investing in?


Window joinery components installed in detached houses, other types of residential buildings as well as public buildings can be made of various materials. The most common are plastic, wood or aluminium. The choice depends on a number of factors, including the nature of the project, individual taste, current architectural trends and the intended purpose. The last option is becoming increasingly popular. Now, check out the most important advantages of aluminium windows.

What are the advantages of aluminium windows?

Aluminium windows have many advantages. As a result, there are a number of situations in which they perform much better than their timber or PVC counterparts. The list of these key advantages includes:

  • variety – several types of windows are available (both openable and non-openable), differing in colour and shape,
  • versatility – aluminium is a multi-purpose, mouldable material which offers the possibility of creating customised structures,
  • versatility of use – they are installed in energy-efficient residential buildings, as well as in public buildings with large glazing areas (free-standing shops, shopping malls, hotels or multi-storey office buildings),
  • durability – windows of this type are resistant to mechanical damage and adverse atmospheric factors (moisture, sunlight and extreme temperatures), while being maintenance-free and easy to keep clean,
  • visual appeal – aluminium windows have an attractive appearance; they are the elegant and aesthetically pleasing detail that embellishes a building’s facade and emphasises its character,
  • lightness – a feature which allows for the creation of rigid and durable large-size window structures out of aluminium, suitable for terrace or balcony entrances,
  • ease of use – the way the windows operate (opening and closing) is smooth, fully intuitive and simple,
  • long service life – by opting for aluminium windows from a recommended manufacturer, you gain access to a high-quality product that can be trouble-free exploited for many years without losing its original properties,
  • security – aluminium windows are manufactured in accordance with current standards, so they effectively protect the property against unauthorised intrusion.

Advantages of aluminium windows – summary

By now you already know that there is a reason why the number of supporters of aluminium window joinery is constantly increasing. Have aluminium windows also aroused your curiosity? No wonder, as it is the ideal solution for demanding people, for whom investing in top quality products is a priority.

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