6 Hidden Hacks For Making A Cross-Country Move Easier

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Moving across the country can be difficult, long, and expensive. It will take workers weeks to get everything loaded up and ready for transport. They’ll have to make sure the items don’t break in the process, too. These are some ways to make this project go smoothly.

1. Hire A Car Shipping Service

A road trip sounds like fun, but it can be very exhausting. The good thing is that you don’t have to resort to this to get your car to your new home. You can hire a car shipping company, and they will take care of everything. They will ensure that your vehicle arrives in tip-top shape at the designated location. does an amazing job, has great reviews, and comes highly recommended. They help you avoid the long travel by road to your new home.

2. Go Online And Find Low-cost Packing Materials

Packing has to be done carefully in order to keep your things from getting damaged in transit. When moving, packing can take a long time because some people may be tempted to stuff items into boxes as quickly as possible in the name of speed. It can also take very long for movers to get ahold of the items owing to their size or weight. Start with the smaller, less fragile items like framed photographs, and work your way up to heavier things like large cut glass pieces.

3. Bring Disposable Boxes With You

Packing can be a hassle, but stacking the boxes by hand can be even more of a nuisance. Moving companies offer one box for every item you need to be shipped around the country. When using their services, forget about using cardboard boxes or plastic bins because these materials won’t hold up during the long ride across town or state lines. The company can pack all the items in protective packaging and put them in a single box that you can carry comfortably. They will also wrap fragile items like glassware to prevent scratches and breakage.

4. Consider Shipping And Storage Options

Although it can be cheaper to store all your things in-state, that might not be a very good option for people moving cross-country. Many people think that they can just rent a truck and put everything in there, but this could potentially be a mistake. There are many differences between renting a moving truck and hiring movers to transport your belongings.

Transporting belongings in an 18-wheeler truck will often mean better protection for furniture and other delicate items. Truckers have special equipment that protects items from bumps and bangs during transit because things tend to get thrown around when the ride is rough, or the weather is windy.

5. Get An Estimate For Gas

Some people tend to underestimate the amount of gas it takes to move their belongings. They think it will take a certain amount of gallons to reach their destination, but this may end up costing more than they are comfortable spending. Do a mileage estimate for each move to get an accurate sense of the transportation costs for your cross-country trip.

6. Read The Contract Carefully

Don’t make assumptions about what the company will do during your moving process because this could result in problems down the road. For example, are you supposed to pack things yourself, or does the company have professional packing services? Make sure the item’s insurance is good for the duration of the ride, and it will cover items that break/get damaged in transit. In many cases, your belongings will be in good hands with a trusted trucking company. They’re also experienced handling larger items like pianos that won’t fit on most moving trucks.

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