4 Design Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a New Business Sign

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Signs make an important first impression when people drive by your new business. They also present important information about what services you offer and at what price. Therefore, it’s crucial to make sure that they’re appealing and readable from both street-level and passing vehicle vantage points. Here are four common design mistakes to avoid when choosing the design of your new business sign so that it meets all of your needs from start to finish.

1. No Clear Message

Your sign is going to communicate your business’s message, right? It’s one of your business’s marketing tools. The sign should clearly, directly, and quickly tell customers who you are and what you do. If they can’t figure it out after five seconds or less, your design may be ineffective or even confusing, which means that someone else will grab their attention instead.

Before you choose any signage for your business, make sure it matches your brand image and identity, so there’s no confusion about what you offer. A good designer will not only help guide you in choosing proper signage but also create signs specific to each industry to guarantee that they deliver their desired effect on your target audience.

2. Bad Font Choice

Font choice is important in any design, especially when choosing a sign for your business. Making sure that your font is readable and matches your brand identity is crucial. A great place to start making decisions about font choice is by checking out other signs in your area, even if they aren’t similar businesses. You want to make sure that your sign can compete with others in its field.

Don’t choose fonts based solely on style, make sure it’s functional too. If you don’t have much experience choosing fonts, consult with a company that are gurus in the industry. They will be able to give you feedback without direct association with your project or client. You should also ask people what they think of specific styles or designs. Remember that not everyone will give positive feedback, which is okay because their feedback can help direct future design choices and tweaks.

3. Low Contrast

Don’t make it hard for people to read your business sign. Make sure your background, text, and graphics are clearly visible and do not compete with each other. If you have an image on your sign, make sure it is high resolution, stands out from its background, and that all letters can be easily read. The last thing you want is for your potential customers to miss your contact information or location because they couldn’t decipher your design.

For example, Times New Roman works well for a small storefront, but Helvetica may be better suited for you if you need something big enough to see from across the street.

4. Poor Letter Spacing

Letter spacing is important since it impacts readability. Letters that are too close together can confuse your customers and make it difficult to understand what you’re trying to say. Letters that are too far apart, on the other hand, end up creating awkward gaps in your sign or advertisement that have an impact on your overall brand image.

Some basic rules of thumb include: Using no more than three words per line of lettering and avoiding long strings of characters such as www. Spacing should be consistent throughout; letters with less importance should be spaced further apart, so they don’t compete with more important words.

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